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Rock Point Bird Banding Station is located in Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario.  Our station and the  banding station at Ruthven comprise the Haldimand Bird Observatory, which is a full member of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network.

The Rock Point Bird Banding Station has been a proud member of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN) since 2000..   Members of the CMMN track the migration of Canada’s birds in the spring and fall each year, adding to our knowledge of population trends, demographics, phenology, and other essential information about the species that pass through each location.  This information is used by governments, environmental organizations, scientists and others to direct our collective actions and improve our ability to conserve Canada’s birds.    Most CMMN members are small non-profit organizations that depend on large numbers of motivated volunteers.   Your support is welcome and very much appreciated!


Le/La/L’ (nom de l’organisation) Rock Point Bird Banding Station  est un fier membre du Réseau canadien de surveillance des migrations (RCSM) depuis 2000. Chaque année, les membres du RCSM effectuent la surveillance de la migration printanière ou automnale des oiseaux du Canada, contribuant aux connaissances sur les tendances des populations, la démographie, la phénologie et à d’autres informations essentielles sur les espèces migratrices dans l’ensemble de leur voie migratoire. Ces connaissances sont utilisées par les gouvernements, les organisations environnementales, les scientifiques et autres afin d’orienter nos actions communes et d’améliorer notre capacité à conserver les oiseaux au Canada. La plupart des membres du RCSM sont de petites organisations sans but lucratif qui dépendent d’un grand nombre de bénévoles dévoués. Votre soutien est le bienvenu et très apprécié!

This network comprises about 27 observatories with some observatories having more than one station.  For more information about the CMMN, see this poster.

Cedar waxwingRock Point Banding Station has a primary mandate to observe and put bands on birds which migrate through our area. This data goes to the Canadian Wildlife Service and Bird Studies Canada. In addition we educate the public about migratory birds through talks and demonstrations.

Other scientific work takes place when requested.  In 2005 we collected ticks from birds to see which kinds were being carried from the south.  In 2006 feathers were collected for isotope studies on many species.


Training is conducted for those wishing to work in ornithology or gain experience  bird banding and working with birds.  Accommodations are available for distance volunteers at $100 per volunteer period.

We invite and encourage public visits throughout the banding season. The park charges a day use fee for those driving in – see their website for more information.

Banding Station operation times

Spring:   April 15 – June 1st     Dawn until six hours after.

Summer:  July 14th – August 1st   Mostly Closed Aug 1, to Aug. 15, Open again August 15 to September 1   Dawn until ten a.m

Fall:  September 1st – November 4th  Dawn until six hours after.

Station closed on Sunday.  


.Northern cardinal

Bander in charge

James (Jim) Smith                       benavis@sympatico.ca

358 Diltz Road
Dunnville, Ontario
N1A 2W2 Canada

Indigo bunting